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Double Neck Strap

Double Neck Strap

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We reinvented the neck strap with an extra rolled leather, sitting above the neck strap for an easy hold that extends up to 16 inches. The Double Neck Strap is fully adjustable and comes with 2 straps for easy attachment to the saddle D rings to conform to FEI rules.


With a measuring tape, measure around the horse's neck where you want the Double Neck Strap to sit.

FULL SIZE- is 40" (102cm) - 50" (127cm) diameter.  The Full Size fits MOST horses and cobs.  

PONY SIZE measures 31" (79cm) - 44" (112cm) diameter.  Fits MOST medium to very small ponies. 

EXTRA FULL- 50"(127cm) - 64" (163cm) diameter.  Fits LARGE draft-type horses.  

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