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Beige Winter Breeches by Correct Connect

Beige Winter Breeches by Correct Connect

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The most delicious warm and soft winter weight fabric.  JUST RIGHT WINTER BREECHES!  The quality you have come to expect from Correct Connect. Thoughtfully designed by riders to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for every body type.

The comfort of a tight but with the zipper, snap, and belt. TWO Phone size pockets with a full silicone seat.  Made of high elasticity 4 way stretch and breathable moisture wicking fabric. These breeches maintain their shape wash over wash and keep you warm this winter.  


S=Waist: 22"(59cm)-26"(66cm) Length 26.5" (67cm)
M=Waist: 26"(66cm)-30"(76cm) Length 27"(69cm)
L=Waist: 30"(76cm)-34"(86cm) Length 27"(69cm)
XL=Waist: 34"(86cm)-38"(97cm) Length 28"(71cm)
XXL=Waist: 36"(91cm)-42"(107) Length 28"(71cm)


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