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Winter Oil-Tac Coppertech Compression Glove

Winter Oil-Tac Coppertech Compression Glove

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Same great feeling as the Correct Connect oil-tac coppertech gloves with warm water-resistant fabric and copper fleece lining to support sore and arthritic hands. Supportive cuff and reinforcement between the small and ring finger as well as the ring and middle finger for riders using double reins. 

The stretchy compression in the Coppertech gloves helps increase blood flow and eases discomfort in the hands. The non-slip, proprietary spider grip silicone lets you hold onto the reins with less tension. The gloves create a custom-like fit by expanding and contracting to your hand for ultimate support for arthritic or sore hands! 

Copper has excellent anti-microbial properties and they stay selling smelling fresh!  


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