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Bal-Aid Equine Balancing Aid

Bal-Aid Equine Balancing Aid

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A Balanced Horse Is A Sound Horse...

The Bal-Aid "Equine Tactile Bracelet" was developed by professional riders and trainers to support your equine athletes to reach their highest potential. All horses have some degree of asymmetry; however, according to research, all it might take to improve a slight asymmetry is to draw the horse's attention to the weaker leg. Bal-Aid, Equine Balancing Aid, was designed to help by bringing the horses' focus to the lazy or "weak" leg.

The Bracelets can be used on one or multiple legs, depending on each horse's needs, and can help improve overall straightness, increase engagement of the hind legs, or encourage better use of the shoulders. Weights 5oz. 

Set of 2 Bal-Aids included. 

Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets should only be incorporated into mounted work when the horse is fully accustomed to wearing the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets (as outlined in the user guide). Do not use the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelet on horses with undiagnosed lameness or clinical conditions. When in doubt, seek veterinary advice before using the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets. As always, equine activities involve risk; by using the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelet, you agree to accept the risk associated with equine activities. Neither FP Equine nor any authorized distributor or retailer of the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelet will be held liable for any injury, damage resulting from the use of the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets to either person or horse. Full responsibility lies with the individual who chooses to use the Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets for any horse under his or her care/training. Always wear a helmet when using Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets. Bal-Aid Equine Tactile Bracelets are not a gimmick. Our product is based on scientific research related to equine proprioception and how to improve equine locomotion, or in lay terms, how to help your horse become the athlete it was destined to be. We strongly believe that a straight and balanced horse is a sound horse.
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